Tips to choosing the best domain name for website business

5 Tips for choosing a Great Domain Name

There is without a doubt a fine art to choosing the perfect Doman Name for your website or business. I have known people who have taken days and even weeks to come up with the perfect domain name as they know the importance of having an awesome domain name from the start and it can be nigh-on-impossible to change a domain name in the future that you may have changed your mind about – without it having a negative impact IF your business has already become established on it’s original domain.

So, the key and ultimate aim is to try your best to pick the perfect domain name from the beginning of your internet venture. It’s our aim to teach you all of the tips and tricks to picking a great domain name from the start. Be sure to also check out our Domain name generation and selection tools article that should also help you on your quest for domain name perfection.

1. Choose a “.com” TLD (Top Level Domain)

There is now a whole plethora of possible Domain name extensions to choose from. Everything from “.shop” to “.Name” and beyond. These have generally been released as the possible options of “.com”s to register reduces on a daily basis.

Despite these whole new ranges of possible domain extensions, the “.com” is still considered to be the nest and most internationally recognized and expected domain of them all and as such is considered to be a TLD or Top Level Domain)

2. Keep it Short and oh so Sweet

The longer your domain name gets the harder it can be for people to remember; especially if you are using several different words. Think of the ‘Greats’ out there such as “eBay”, “Facebook” and “Google”. Their domain names are short, sweet and super-easy to remember.

Although it can be hard now to still find short domains that are still available to register (especially the .com ‘TLD’ versions). There are still many gems and bargains to be found if you have a creative enough mind to be able to come up with them.

3. Avoid hyphenation

You know a hyphen….. that little dash “” symbol on your keyboard.

In general, hyphenation of a Domain Name is considered to be a No no unless it’s as an absolute last resort.

Something like: just does not look attractive as Without the hyphenation also makes your domain that little bit easier to remember as hyphens can be accidentally put in the wrong place by those trying to access your website.

4. Make good use of Domain tools

There are numerous Domain name selection and generation tools out there that can help make your path to the perfect domain a less stressful one. Some of these tools we make use of ourself and all of them promise to help you to come up with ‘the next best domain name’.

There is nothing to stop you from making use of more than one tool when on your search for that perfect domain.

5. Be as unique as you can when choosing a Domain name

The aim here is to stand out as much as possible from your competitors. Choosing a domain name that just happens to be too similar to the competition could lead to you accidentally sending the competition traffic that they don’t deserve; so be sure to make your final Domain name choice as unique as you possibly can.


A Domain name is considered to be the foundation of any serious online business. If you take the initial time to come up with a great domain, it can pay your business some real tangible benefits later on down the line and eliminate the need for very costly domain name changes later.

The above tips to choosing a great website domain name that we have mentioned above will work for you regardless of if you are intending to start a drop shipping business or a general online business website.

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