8 Domain Name suggestions tools to help you pick the perfect Domain

Let’s face it, picking the right Domain name for any new website venture can be a daunting task. A suitable Domain Name to use is the same starting point whether you are intending to set up a drop shipping website or any other type of website business. It’s also worth having a read of our top tips for choosing a great Domain Name if you really want to achieve Domain Name Awesomeness.

The pressure is on YOU to ensure that you come up with the best possible Domain name for your website and business, then there is the worry about if the domain that you would like to use is even available or not as someone else may already have nabbed it.

This article should help you to get your Rock Star Domain Name selection hat on as it reveals our top selection of the best tools on the web that should help you to come up with the best possible Domain name to use.

A Doman Name availability checking tool Vs a Generator

Before we get going with our “top selection”, it’s important for you to know and understand the difference between a Domain name Availibity checking tool and a Domain name generation tool.

Domain Name Availability checker

A Domain name availability tool (as the name suggests)  will check to see if the domain that you would like to use is available for you to be able to register and that no one else has already registered the domain before you. if someone has already registered the domain name before you then the checking tool will usually let you see a BIG PHAT “X” as the search results and a message that says something along the lines of: ‘Sorry but that Domain has already been taken”

Domain name generator

A Domain Name generation tool can usually help you to come up with possible domain name suggestions from scratch. The tool may ask you for a few ‘lead’ or ‘topic’ words that will help to give it an idea of the general topic around which your newly generated Domain should be based.

This tool is usually helpful for those who have very little idea about what their final domain name choice should even look like.

1. DDWhois

DDWhois is one of our favorite domain availability checking tools. One of it’s best features is the fact that it is a ‘Live Search Tool’. It will check LIVE (letter by letter as you type) whether or not a Domain Name is available and give you near-instant results. This can save you quite a bit of time during your search as there is no need to keep pressing the “Enter” key at the end of every domain combination that you wish to check the availability of.

2. Panabee

Via their engaging and colorful website, the Panabee Names generator tool promises to help you come up with the perfect Domain name just by you entering a couple of ‘idea words’ into their website and they ensure you that they will do the rest. Not only that but their tool helps you to be able to find not just suitable Domain names, but also possible suitable company and even App names. These all have helped it to make it into our ‘Top tools’ selection list.

Their website also acts as a possible thesaurus, so if a Domain name of your choice is already taken then they can help you to come up with some other related possible options.

3. Name Station

Names Station had to make it onto our top list due to the fact their website offers a lot of built-in features that should help you to be able to come up with that perfect Domain name for your venture.

With Name Station you also have the ability to hold ‘Name Contest’, so you can run a contest where others in their community compete with each other to come up with the perfect Domain Name for you,  you then simply pick a winning name – few things could be simpler than that eh?

4. Lean Domain Search

Just like when on a diet, the Lean Domain Search tool promises to keep things ‘lean’ as oppose to over-inflated when their tool comes up with possible Domain name suggestions for you.

Just enter a few of your preferred terms into the box and watch as their tool generates a seemingly endless number of possible names for you to choose from (i had to scroll down for ages on the ‘results’ page). It’s a nifty domain name finding tool that seems to come up with some pretty good name ideas.

5. Shopify Business Name Generation tool

Not forgetting the Shopify business name generation tool. Although the name of this tool suggests that it is just for generating suitable “business names”, you could also use this very same tool to be able to come up with the perfect Domain name. You are even able to filter the results based on your preferences.

They promise to help you to find a suitable domain name “in 10 seconds or less”

The ultimate aim of their tool is of course to aim to get you to start your store with them once you have used their tool to find a suitable business name, but you don’t have to.

6. Domainr

This tool just about made it onto our list thanks to its live search feature and the fact that it will show you the availability of a Domain name as you are typing – which we always tend to like.

I don’t like the fact that it seems to show you domain that are not available to register and I don’t really see the point of this, but overall it is a good domain search too to use.

7. NameTumbler

Name Tumbler makes for a different type of Domain search tool that allows you to enter as many different terms as you want to and it promises to figure out some great domain name combinations for you – which is great.

8. Domains Bot

Last in our list of tools is Domains Bot who class themselves as “the worlds leading Domain Name Spinner”. Once you enter your keyword or phrase they will spin together as many possible suggestions as they can find. It’s then left to you to just choose which takes your fancy.


Coming up with that perfect Domain name can be quite daunting and may even have you stuck in a state of stagnation until you are 100% sure that your domain name choice is a good one.

I hope that this article has helped to take some of the pressure away from your brain and that you have found our choice of the Top Domain Name selection tools to be very useful. Be sure to drop us a quick message if you have.

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