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We normally charge anything from $495 to $3000 to set up a Drop shipping store for our clients. You can get yours today for FREE. Find our more below…..

How would your like your own Drop Shipping store set up for you for just $99 without the usual cost that we charge to create a turn key business for our clients?

Thats right, as long as this promotion is running, we will design build and set up a drop ship store for you in any niche of your choice!

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Getting started with your FREE Drop Shipping store is as easy as 1, 2, 3…….

1. Purchase suitable Website Hosting

Just choose a suitable website hosting package from our Recommended Web Hosting partners. Prices start from just $3.95 PM! Then choose a Domain Name.

2. Send us your Hosting Accounts Log in Details

In order to build your free Drop Shipping website on to your web hosting, we will need the login details of your hosting account. Just forward them to our email.

3. We design build & Upload your Website!

That’s it, this is all that we need from you! We will then log in to your website hosting account & design, build then upload your new Free Store.

The Entire Process Step-By-Step, and FAQs…

  • Step 1: Choose your Domain Name & Business Niche

    Nothing can really begin until you have at least some idea of this.

  • Step 2: Purchase Website Hosting

    This is where we will design, build & upload your new website to. This is just where it will live online. It all starts with you just Signing Up for Website Hosting Here.

  • Step 3: Pay us your $99 and Email us the login details to your new Website Hosting

    We need to be able to log in to your web hosting account in order to begin building your website. Once you have Purchased Website Hosting, just visit our Contact us page and send us the login details, or email us the details direct to: mail (at) We will then begin creating your free Drop Shipping Store.

  • Step 4: The Design, build and Upload phase

    Once e have the login information to your website hosting that we need, we will begin development of your new drop shipping website.

  • Step 5: Upload your suppliers products or use ours, you decide

    Every drop shipping website needs reliable product suppliers. You are welcome to use your own or purchase our official manual to learn how and where we find the best fully verified drop ship business suppliers.

  • Step 6: Your new website goes live

    Your shiny new website will be looking great by now and will be ready to go live on your say-so

  • Step 7: Website Marketing & promotion - (OPTIONAL)

    What good is any website if you don’t let the public & your potential customers know that it actually exists? You are welcome to do this by yourself or we are happy to use our specialist software and marketing expertise to help.

    Starting from just $47 Per Month, we will market & promote your completed free website within the Seach Engines – which should help to bring in both traffic and sales.

    Just choose from our Monthly Marketing & Website Promotion Packages.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Free Drop shipping stores…

Q. How long will my $99 store take to create for me?

This will depend on several things such as: the particular niche that you have selected, how busy our team is in the rush of demand for this service – as well as other factors.

having said that we would expect a typical store to be ready to go live within 1 – 4 weeks maximum. If there is to be any particular delay with your store then we would be sure to inform you.

Q. Can I use my own existing Domain Name?

A. Sure, why not. If you already have your own domain name, then just let us know this when your are purchasing and we will let you know what to do.

Q. Can I use my own website hosting?

We only recommend using our website hosting partners for our free store service. Other web hosts can lead to issues and compatibility problems for us. The packages on option through clicking This link are assured to work hassle free with our software & service.

Q. What about Products and Suppliers?

A. You may already be coming to us with your own, or you may wish to learn from us how and where to look for the best suppliers. Either is just fine by us.

Q. Can I choose a digital business with this your $99 service?

A. Digital businesses and products, in general, more time-consuming to create and so are excluded from our $99 store offer.

Q. Can I have more than one store with you?

A. Yes sure you can, but you will need to have purchased more than one web hosting account (one for each store). Please speak to us for further clarification of this.