A complete guide to turnkey website business opportunities


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A complete guide to Turn-Key websites

A TurnKey website can be a really great way to take a short-cut route to owning a successful online business.

You are about to learn everything you could ever want or need to know about TurnKey websites. We are literally going to cover it all; from explaining what the different types of turn Key websites are, what to look for when aiming to purchase one and what to avoid like the plague!

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What is a TurnKey Website Business?

TurKey online business opportunity websites are essentially ready-made websites for sale that allow you to become the owner of a profitable established website that you are able to take over and run as your own in the quickest possible timescale.

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TurnKey Verses the normal process

Now we are going to take a look at what you would normally have to go through if you wanted to build your own website business from scratch, versus if you had just purchased an off the shelf TurnKey website business.

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Building a website completely from scratch

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Step 1: Come up with a suitable product niche

Your product niche is essentially what you will be selling on your website. This exhaustive process is where you are conducting your research in order to find a product niche that is worth your time & effort getting into. It’s the foundations of your online business. Get this wrong and everything else that you do for your business will just be a waste of your time – as you won’t make any money from all your hard work – as there could be no market for what you are selling.

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Step 2: Conduct Keyword research

Once you have found a suitable product niche, and have decided what you want to sell online, you will then need to delve even deeper and conduct extensive keyword research into your particular niche. This will help you to gain a clearer understanding as to which keywords your potential customers are typing into the Search Engines when they want to find products that are similar to the types of items that you intend to sell on your website.

You should at the end of your research have a list of suitable keywords that you think your potential customers are likely to type into the search engines.

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Step 3: Register a suitable website Domain name

Ahhhh, now that you have finalised your product niche, and have a list of Keywords that you would like to target when trying to rank your website within the Search Engines, only now is it really time to think about registering a Domain name for your business – or even what your business will actually even be called.

You can use the results of your keyword research to help you to narrow down on which keywords would be best suitable to use for your business. A part of this will also just be your own personal preference.

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Here’s a great method & tool for finding a great Domain Name for your business

This Domain Name Search Tool allows you to search LIVE for the availability of a Domain Name without having to keep hitting that ‘Search’ button over and over again. The website/tool is called DD Whois – and you are sure to love it as much as we do.

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Step 4: Finding suitable Website Hosting

To ‘Find website hosting’ sounds so simple, but believe me when I say that it is not! it’s a minefield in itself. It’s also very important to remember that old saying that says that ‘you get what you pay for’ – this has never rung truer than when dealing with web hosting companies.

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Why is good website hosting important?

Website hosting is considered to be one of the most important parts of an online business. So much so that even Google themselves have stated the importance of having fast and reliable website hosting.

Matt Cutts himself (a coveted Google employee) has stated that Google will indeed take the web page & website loading times into account when determining where in the SERPS to rank a website. Have a read of what he has said about website speed article.

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What could happen if you don’t choose good website hosting

Choosing the wrong website hosting could mean that your website is frequently offline due to server issues.

Believe me when I say to you that we as a company are fully aware of this, and fully experienced in what can happen when you get this wrong.

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Step 5: Begin building your website via…

Now you are able to see that it is only at this stage after you have conducted extensive keyword research, chosen a Domain Name, and found suitable website hosting – that you are finally able to begin building your website. now that you have finalised

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Purchasing a TurnKey off-the-shelf website

Purchasing an off the shelf TurnKey website, on the other hand, is a whole new story. This can very often be a much quicker route to having an online business presence; and the great thing is that someone else will have already done the majority of the hard design, build and setup work for you.

So what will I have to do with my TurnKey store?

First, you will have to of course choose and then purchase a TurnKey website from a reliable online business opportunity supplier.

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You should now know the main differences between a website that you have to design, build and set up by yourself, and an ‘Off the shelf’ TurnKey website that you are able to buy where someone else has already done all of the hard setup work for you.

You should also know more about the benefits that buying a TurnKey website can give you in terms of the sheer time and money savings you stand to make.

Here at Drop Ship Businesses for Sale, we will always sing the praises of ready-made Turn-Key websites for sale. It’s just a must better option. I mean, why would you purposefully want to put yourself through any unnecessary pain and strife with setting up an online business is difficult enough.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article; and that you will use what you have learned to help you obtain your own TurnKey internet business.



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