Amazon Affiliate Stores – Fully TurnKey websites @ just $369…

Be an Amazon Associate – Get a profitable Amazon affiliate store TODAY!

Buy an Amazon Affiliate store today and you will be able to benefit from our Done for you Affiliate Store service. Amazon Associate / Affiliate stores remain one of our most in-demand online business services.

Our affiliate stores are so great for the simple fact that People really trust AMAZON!… If you can display items for sale on your website, stating that they will be ‘Shipped By’ or that the order will be ‘Fulfilled By’ Amazon, there is a VERY high chance that this will lead to sales – and more sales mean commission payments for YOU!

You are now able to Buy an affordable fully Turn-Key Amazon Affiliate website for sale with us TODAY – and you will have the logistical CLOUT of the Amazon GIANTS behind you.

That’s right, Amazon will be shipping items out directly to your customers, whilst you get to make a great automated income online – with one of the most hands-off online businesses for sale that you could ever choose.

Other benefits of our Amazon Affiliate stores
  • This Amazon Affiliate Store business Works World-Wide!
  • FREE Blast & Boost website promotion included
  • Run full time or part time, the choice is yours
  • Amazon pays you monthly – on time EVERY time.
  • FREE Domain name and 12 Months Web Hosting
  • The credibility of Amazon WILL make you more money
  • You get an Amazon Affiliate store designed & set up for you.
  • Product SEO included – get found in the Search Engines
  • Choose from UNLIMITED product niches (ANY Amazon sell!)
  • You earn between 4 – 10% on each item sold from your site.
  • Products and prices Auto-Updated directly from Amazon
  • 90 Day affiliate cookie Lock in (you get credit for purchases)
  • You NEVER need to ship any items – Amazons logistical powerhouse will be behind you and ship directly to your customers from their local warehouse.
! REMEMBER TO: Choose the package BELOW that includes Marketing & Promotion if you want to really Kick-A$$!………
…We will then market and promote your completed Amazon Associate Affiliate store once it’s been built

amazon affiliate store

FROM Just: $649 $369! –
One Time Fee!
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… and There’s NOTHING else to pay!…

We will build you a custom Amazon Affiliate Store whether you are based in the UK, the US or anywhere else in the world!….. We will build you an associates store in your local default currency.

You have the option to be selling just about ANY products you could think of (as long as Amazon offer it for sale on their website, then so can you!), and our packages also come with SEO included. The prices and product details of all products will auto-update directly from Amazon!

TurnKey Amazon Affiliate Store Pricing…

The pricing listed below is for us to handle all of the design and set up your new Amazon Affiliate website for you. We can even help with marketing & Promoting your affiliate store upon completion – if you opt for the right package.







/ One Time Fee



/ One Time Fee



/ One Time Fee



/ One Time Fee

12 Months Website Hosting
12 Months Website Hosting
12 Months Website Hosting
12 Months Website Hosting
12 Months Website Hosting
MAX Number of Affiliate Products
MAX Number of Affiliate Products200
MAX Number of Affiliate Products500
MAX Number of Affiliate Products1000
MAX Number of Affiliate ProductsUNLIMITED
FREE SSL Certtificate
FREE SSL Certtificate
FREE SSL Certtificate
FREE SSL Certtificate
FREE SSL Certtificate
FREE Domain Name
FREE Domain Name
FREE Domain Name
FREE Domain Name
FREE Domain Name
Logo Included
Logo Included
Logo Included
Logo Included
Logo Included
SEO Marketing & Web Promotion
SEO Marketing & Web Promotion
SEO Marketing & Web Promotion3 Months
SEO Marketing & Web Promotion6 Months
SEO Marketing & Web Promotion12 Months
Support Level
Support LevelStandard
Support LevelFast Response
Max 4 Hours
Support LevelPriority
Max 1 Hour
Support Level


General features of our Turn-Key Amazon Affiliate Stores…


There’s no need to worry about the SEO of the pages of your Affiliate website as it will be automatically handled by your website. When a new product is added.


Your website will naturally come with all of the features that customers have come to expect from an Ecommerce Store. That’s right out of the box.


WHether they purchase on your website or even directly on Amazon, you are STILL given credit for ANYTHING they purchase within a 90 day period.


That’s right, once a visitor has viewed products on your website, You will have the might of Amazon re-targeting them with ‘reminder’ adverts as they browse the web.


Amazon has the widest range of products for you to choose to profit from in your Affiliate store. That’s over 256 Million possible products to choose from.


Your website visitors/customers will be able to add products directly to their Amazon shopping cart. When they check out their item/s, you will get paid.


Our affiliate software does not make it super-obvious that your store is an affiliate website. Instead, it focuses on providing a great user-experience for your visitors.


Not only do we include natural SEO with your affiliate store, once it’s completed we will also help to promote it for you in the Search Engines to get targeted traffic.

AMAZON Affiliate store commission earning levels…

A generous rate of affiliate commission

Amazon has one of the best affiliate commission payout percentage rates within the industry, and thanks to their sheer size and local logistics solutions, your customers will recieve their purchased items fast and you can rest assured that you will be paid monthly on time every time for the previous months’ commission cheques.

Commissions paid out monthly directly to you

Amazon will send you out a commission payment via either a cheque or direct deposit into your bank account – this will be based on all sales that have acquired during the previous month.

This means an affiliate commission cheque that you can rely on receiving every single month like clockwork!

Amazon affiliate store commission earning levels

Once your account has been approved and you are an official Amazon affiliate, you can expect to receive between 2.5 and 10% commission on all affiliate sales that you help to refer (depending on your chosen niche and industry).

It all adds up

This may not seem like much at first, but it all depends on the items that you choose to sell on on your Amazon affiliates store.

Profit depends on the items you sell

Let’s just say that you opted to sell Rolex watches for example….. even 2,5% (the lowest on Amazons affiliate scales) would be a very healthy $250 commission on a $10,000 watch would be due to you – and that’s just for a single item sold!

Buy yours NOW!
Here’s a visual of how your new Affiliate Business will work…

run your own online internet business to make money online
You choose your niche, then we build your Amazon Affiliate store for you!..

Case Study

A customer came to us having tried the traditional tedious way of manually creating an Amazon Affiliate Store.

You can see their previous results for yourself over on the right. Pathetic huh?

… and then he found us…

Amazon affilaiate drop shipping stores

…from near-Zero to Awesome HERO!

Look what happened to their amazon Affiliate earnings after we took over and built him one of our Amazon Affiliate stores.

our software achieved this MASSIVE increase in profits in ONLY 30 DAYS!

As long as Amazon sell the product then we can build an Amazon Affiliate store for you in that niche.

Just choose your product nice and let us know what you would like to sell! Be as creative as you wish…

Check out just a few of the POWERFUL features & benefits of our stores…

Amazon affiliate store
OVER 256 MILLION possible Amazon catalog products to choose from!

Stick to one product niche, or mix and match the items that you offer for sale in your Amazon Affiliate store, the choice is yours. If Amazon doesn’t sell it, then NOBODY wants to buy it – that’s for sure!

Amazon has so many possible product lines for you to choose offer for sale in your store that we could not possibly list all product of their product niches here.

Well SEO’d & Designed Product Pages created to MAXIMISE conversions.

The product pages of our Amazon Affiliate stores are created from the ground up to maximise the conversions of your visitors.

Our product page layout stems from actual testing of which page layouts lead to the most conversions per visitor.

Our expertly designed product pages also come with natural SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built in. This coupled with the Amazons credibility means more sales for you.

EVERY product in your store is designed to rank well in the search engines – and be found by possible customers.

run an online business

Retargetting amazon advertising for items for sale

facebook advertising and retargetting
Amazon automatically re-targets your visitors to remind them to come back and buy…….and they do this for FREE!

Imagine having Amazons multi-million $$$ advertising budget working for you!…This is exactly what you receive with your Amazon Affiliate store from us!

How it works…. 

  1. A visitor lands on your website and browses your items for sale.
  2. They browse but they do not make an immediate purchase. They close their web-browser and leave your website.
  3. For days and even weeks later, as they browse OTHER websites on the internet, Amazon use their multi-million dollar budget to show them adverts that remind them of YOUR website and it’s products.
  4. This jogs the visitors memory. They return to your website (or Amazon) and make a purchase.

Yes, they even get re-targeted by Amazons’ advertising when they are just ‘killing time’ on Facebook.

That’s the POWER of our Amazon Affiliate Stores!

YOU get the POWER of Amazons Stock & Logistics Drop Shipping for you!

You need to hold NO stock, keep NO inventory and do NO shipping of items to customers – it’s all handled my Amazon. Everything from the picking and packing to the shipping delivery and returns.

Being an affiliate partner for Amazon means that that you get to make some serious money online one of the least stressful ways possible.

Amazon business affiliate website stores
Just before you click to buy your Done for you Amazon Affiliate Store
The Steps to getting started with an Amazon Associates Store with us..

STEP 1: Buy Now on this page

We naturally require a pre-payment commitment in order for our team to begin working on your new Amazon affiliate store. Just click on the “Buy Now” button above in order to get started.

STEP 2: Tell us your Domain & Niche

Next, we will need to know the domain name (the “”) and product niche that you wish to use for your new affiliate store. We will then have all the information that we need…

STEP 3: WE design build and set up

We will then go ahead and build your affiliate store for you on the domain name that you have chosen and load your affiliate store with your preferred Amazon niche products.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will it take to set up my affiliate store?

Our Amazon Affiliate stores take much less time to set up than our traditional website. We would aim to have your store set up and ready for you within 5 – 7 working days.

What about Website Hosting?

You get a whole 12 months website hosting included with your new affiliate website on us. After that, web hosting (if you decide to keep your website with us) is charged at a very affordable $49 per year.

Can I have more that 1 affilliate store with you?

Hec yeah!…. in fact, we would strongly recommend it. The more product niches that you are involved in, the wider possible ‘net’ you cast over the internet – and the greater chance you have of making money.

I am in “X” country, can I still own and run an Amazon affiliate store?

The simple answer is a resounding YES. As long as you are able to sign up for an Amazon associate account from your country then you will be able to own an Amazon affiliate store.

Will items cost more to my customers?

NO they will not. Whether a customers purchases from Amazon as a result of clicking a link on your website, or they go directly to Amazon, there will be NO different in the price of an item to the customer.

Can I use my own Domain Name?

Yes sure. You actually get a free domain name with your store from us. If you already have your own domain then you are very welcome to use this.

Which Amazon items can I offer for sale?

As long as it is listed on the Amazon market place then you can offer it for sale on your store to your customers.

Do I have to stick to 1 single product niche in my store or can I mix and match niches?

You can stick to one single product niche or you can mix and match products. It’s your store and the choice is yours!

The important thing is the number of products that you have in your stores as the more you have the greater chance of your affiliate website being found by the search engines.

What if a customer lands on my website but does not make a purchase?

It does not matter!….once they have visited your website, even if they do not buy anything but instead visit Amazon directly to make a purchase, you will still be given credit for that customers thanks thanks to thew 90 day cookie that is placed o their system. So as long as they make a purchase within 90 days – you are rewarded.