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Drop shipping ecommerce reseller course
Just a Few Member Benefits:
Full access to Our ‘How to build your own Drop Shipping or E-commerce Store Course
Learn exactly how & where to find Reliable & fully Verified suppliers for ANY business niche
Watch Over-the-shoulder Step-By-Step HD Video training that will teach you everything!
Build websites for yourself, your clients or even SELL THEM TO US!…. We have BUYERS waiting!
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Here are just a few Member Benefits of our course…
These are just some of the instant benefits that you will receive as soon as you become a valued member of our online Drop shipping & Online business Academy…

Works Internationally

The beauty of what we do (Building profitable Drop ship stores), and even our Course is that the principles are 100% location independent. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet then this course can work for you

HD Training Videos

Quality is everything to us, this is why in our members area you will find our Drop Shipping & E-commerce Video Training course is recorded in Full HD (High Def) making videos crisp, clear and the entire course super easy to follow.

NO Coding Required

This course covers you whether you are a complete beginner, or semi pro, e understand.

You won’t be touching a single line of website code, and all the tolls you need are already provided.

Build a Profitable Store

No get rich quick scheme. Our course will teach you how to go from Zero to having a profitable ecommerce / Drop shipping store. You’ll know exactly how to build a genuine & sustainable business from the ground up

Learn all that we know

We have been building establishing then selling profitable Drop Shipping Stores for several years now, and everything that we know is in our members area for you to learn at your own pace.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

We finally reveal the Ultimate guide to finding reliable suppliers for your business in ANY Niche. These suppliers can even allow you to order just 1 of your chosen product. Yes that is a MOQ of 1!

SEO & Website Promotion

Our training course includes not only how to build your store, but also how to SEO (Search Engine Optimise) each and every page to ensure that it ranks well in the search engines.You also learn Promotion

Access Our Community

There really is nothing better than having the support of a like minded community of fellow entrepreneurs who are just like you and are trying to achieve the same end result.

We are Drop Ship Businesses for Sale. We are called this simply because we started off just selling Turn-Key Drop Shipping Business websites.

In fact, we have spent several years building, SEO’ing, establishing and then selling Established E-commerce and Drop Shipping Websites – over and over again – it’s what we do for our day jobs – day in and day out,  so as you can imagine, we know a thing or two about it.

Some of our established websites are sold with both traffic & sales. Others are sold with just traffic.

What if I told you that you could spend just $10 on a Website Domain Name, and then go on to build an E-commerce or Drop shipping website on that same Domain that could then go on to make you $100s or even $1000s – and that you could then just go on to repeat the process over and over?

You could even choose to sell the very same website (that cost you just $10) for several times the initial set up costs. It’s crazy but true and everything is revealed in our members area.

Even if you are a complete beginner, You Too will be
creating stunning Drop Shipping Stores just like these:
… Stores designed for More Profits & Higher Rankings!
… YOU can then choose to either sell them For a Profit or Keep them for yourself!


We buy Drop Shipping stores DIRECTLY from Graduates of our Training Course!!…
About us, Our Drop Shipping Video Training Course & Entrepreneurial E-commerce Community
Just like we currently do, there are numerous ways to Make Money
after you graduate from our Ecommerce Video Training course…
… you can…

Build Your Own Ecommerce Or Drop Shipping Store

There really is no better way to make money online than building your own Drop shipping / E-commerce website from which you are then able to sell your chosen products to customers all over the world.

Why exactly is it so great?…… because you will actually have a genuine business, that’s offering in-demand products to a laser targetted & hungry market. It is very close to the perfect business model!

Just become a member, take our course and gain the skills & knowledge that is required to build and sell your own Drop Shipping stores.

We have an URGENT need for high-quality Drop Shipping stores and will even buy websites from Graduates of our Video Training Course course!

Build Ecommerce / Drop Shipping Stores for Paying clients

This is actually a complete business opportunity in itself. It is essentially our Core Business business model – building and then offering Drop Shipping website Businesses for Sale to paying customers.

People prefer and even appreciate shortcuts. If you are able to build and then offer for sale a ready-to-trade (Turn-Key) Drop shipping website, you will be able to find many a willing buyer for this. All you need to do then is to rinse and repeat.

All you need to do then is to rinse and repeat.

Drop shipping video training course

Build a website and then sell it on FLippa
Sell (Flip) websites for a HUGE mark up!

Once you have the knowledge and skills that our course will give you (of how to build establish then generate traffic to a niche Drop Shipping Website), you will be able to make money building and then selling Ecommerce / Drop Shipping Stores over and over again – just as we have been doing for years.

This is called Flipping and we have done it over and over again via websites that allow you to list your website for sale – others are then able to bid up to their maximum bid for it, (very similar to eBay – just for only Websites and Domain names).

Sell the websites that you build to us – We have a hungry market of Drop Shipping website buyers

Because we rank TOP of Google for buying terms related to Drop Ship Businesses for Sale, e receive a steady flow of buyer traffic who are determined to purchase a pre-built Drop ship websites for sale. So much so that we are actually unable to keep up with demand by ourselves.

People like and even appreciates short cuts. If you are able to build and then offer for sale a ready-to-trade (Turn-Key) Drop shipping website, you will be able to find many a willing buyer for this. All you need to do then is to rinse and repeat.

Guranteed income online drop shipping website business
Here are just a few of the Hot Store Niches you could target:
Once you have the ‘How To’ knowledge, the possibilities really are endless. Just check out all of these ~HOT~ Drop Shipping Niches
  • Adults products Drop ship store
  • Clothing items Store
  • Babies Childrens’ clothes
  • Car parts, accessories, electrics
  • Childrens clothes
  • Pets products & grooming
  • Gadgets & tech store
  • Drones Store
  • Spy products
  • Sunglasses Drop ship store
  • RC toys (cars, planes, helicopters etc).
  • Fishing gear
  • Motorcycle store
  • Adult Products
  • Batteries & consumibles store
  • Cycling, bikes & accessories
  • Your OWN chosen niche
  • Wedding dresses & equipment
That’s Cool… But What Else Can I learn with your course?
You will have all of the knowledge required to be able to go ahead and build a drop shipping store not just with us, but on any web hosting account of your choice. Once you have the know-how, then the rest is easy!

Optional Website Hosting

What better way to learn than being able to practice as you go?… Opt for the right package with us and you will be able to do this

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to our customers. Become a client and you will essentially be ‘family’.

Priority email contact

Have an important question and need a fast response?…excellentt because we aim to respond to all queries as fast as possible.


Stuck and need help?…. no problem, just look over your shoulder and you’ll find us there ready to assist you.
Here’s what You Will Learn on our Video Training Course!
Take a look at exactly what each module contains within our Drop Shipping & Ecommerce Video Training Course. As soon as you become a member you will get full and unlimited access to all areas of our course & community.
Module 1 – Domain Names

Drop shipping & ecommerce video training course

The importance of choosing the right Domain name from the outset just can not be stressed enough.

Getting your Domain name right will mean that you will give your business a serious head-start. In this module e take a look at hat to look for in a great Domain.

Module 2 – Website Hosting

Website hosting ecommerce video training course

Your websites web hosting can essentially be seen as it’s foundation. Using the wrong or unsuitable web hosting could mean frequent downtime & could lead to lost sales & a bad reputation.

You will learn all you need to know about great web hosting

Module 3 – Products & Suppliers

how to build an ecommerce or drop shipping ebsite

Finding the right suppliers is absolutely essential for the longevity of any drop shipping business. The suppliers that you choose will either make or break your business.

Within our course you will learn exactly how and here we find fully verified suppliers for all of our business packages. You’ll find suppliers for ANY niche you could possibly think of

Module 4 – Setting Up your Website

Learn ho to set up an ecommerce website course

Okay so now for the the most critical stage of your ecommerce or Drop Shipping business, which is setting up your website.

We will show you exactly how to go about doing this the right way, everything from choosing the right e-commerce software to installation and setup it will all be included within this module

Module 5 – Theming Your store

Learn exactly how to design and theme your ecommerce or drop shipping website

So now that you have your store installed and fully setup, it is time to make it look great.

Within this module we take a look at exactly how you go about theaming and designing your store such a way that it will encourage customer confidence and increased sales.

The ultimate aim here is that your website will look so professional that as soon as visitors land on the page, a will feel confident enough to give you their credit card details

Module 6 – Uploading Products

Here is how to upload products to your drop shipping website. Learn it all

What most people don’t know is that there is a right way and one way to upload products to their e-commerce website.

Module six will cover exactly how you do this in the most professional way that will help to ensure better search engine rankings for your items – which will usually lead to higher sales.

We will cover exactly how to upload products, and add product descriptions that the search engines will love.

Module 7 – Advertising and Traffic

Getting traffic to your website video training course

The most beautiful websites in the world is worth nothing if it is not receiving traffic. Not just in your traffic but targeted traffic, because it is only this kind of traffic that will lead to your customers actually purchasing something from you.

IN This module we cover exactly how you should go about getting targeted buyer traffic to your website that will stand highest possible chance of converting into actual sales. It is all covered here.

Module 8 – ebay & Scaling Things Up

ebay, Amazon and scaling your business up

So our website is completed and it looks great and you start to see the sales coming in. Thing to do next is to scale UP!

This module covers exactly how you go about doing this to right way. You will be prepared to take on the big guys like eBay and Amazon – as using these the correct way can really lead to increasing your profits.

You will be pregared to grow your business without rushing in to things.


You have NOTHING TO LOSE by taking our course Jump in TODAY
We are happy to shoulder all of the risk once that could possible prevent you from becoming a member TODAY and benefiting from our Drop Ship Video Training Course….


We want you to be 100% happy once you decide to purchase and become a member of our Drop Shipping course & Community, this is why we are happy to shoulder all of the risk.

Become a member today and you will have a whole 30 days to decide if our course & community is for you or not. If for some reason you decide it’s not, just get in touch and let us know then we will gladly refund you 100% of what you paid with NO questions asked. That is our personal promise to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers


Will your course be teaching using the Shopify Ecommerce platform?

Nope, we will not be making use of Shopify for our Ecommerce & Drop shipping Video Training Course.

Mainly because Shopify charges you a recurring Monthly fee for the life of your store. Most people forget this, but this monthly cost can quickly add up.

Instead our course makes use of a platform that is easy to use, 100% FREE, extremely popular and very well supported.


Are there any recurring fees, will I be charged again in the future

I guess that is one of the beauties of our course in that there were no recurring monthly fees to pay.

Once you have become a member, that will be it. You ill alwways be able to log in to our members only area and access our course for as long as you wish to. We will request nothing further from you


How long will I be able to access your Video training Course once I become a member?

Some courses will cut off your access to them after a specified amount of time, but not us.

Once you become a paid member of our Drop shipping Video Training course you will have life times access to all of our HD video training modules to take at your own pace & at your leisure.


So what about website hosting so that I can practice how to build my website after learning?

It’s one thing learning a new skill, but being able to practice as you learn is absolutely priceless

Once you have learnt the knowledge contained within our course you are welcome to purchase your own website hosting or use any of our recommended web hosting partners.


Suppose I need help after I have become a member and purchased your training course?

No problem at all. After taking our course should you need help, we will be right here for you to be able to reach out to for assistance. So there really is nothing for you to worry about in that sense.


Are there any other recurring fees or charges to pay?

Nope, there is nothing else you need to pay. Just become a paid member on our course today and you will be able to have access to all learning material with nothing else to pay.
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