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There are 7 BILLION people in this world, and we are looking to work closely with just 135  100 lucky entrepreneurs via our: Drop Ship Entrepreneurs Video Training Course
We don’t want to over-commit ourselves, so we can only work with a limited amount of people. Others are welcome to take our course and self help.
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When the clock timer to the Above hits Zero, we will be releasing our Drop Shipping Entrepreneurs course to the general public who will have to pay at least $197 for access, and maybe even a recurring monthly fee ( we are still deciding) Lock in your Early Bird price and be a Lifetime VIP member!
  • Step By Step E-commerce Video Training course
  • Learn exactly how to to set up your own Drop Shipping E-commerce store from scratch
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  • Buy or sell our Turn Key Ecommerce websites on eBay or Flippa with the complete sales page provided for you
  • Access to our forum where other like minded E-commerce Entrepreneurs will hang
  • Pool from a combined 25 years worth of E-commerce knowledge!
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Our Drop Ship Entrepreneurs course will launch at a starting price of $197, and incrementally rise to $497!

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