DropSHipBusinessesforSale.com fake negative reviews

Drop ship businesses for sale fake negative reviews – addressing the (attempted) reputation destroyers once and for all!

When you have personally toiled hard at an online drop shipping business brand for so many years, you’ve put your heart and soul into building up a professional online drop shipping website selling turn-key drop shipping stores to international clientele, and (for years) you have enjoyed high search engine rankings & success because of this, It can be quite annoying when (after having spent years building a business, ensuring it has a good name and a glowing international reputation), anonymous idiots are able to just sign up to numerous review-posting websites and post negative reviews about your company/business that potential customers are able to read and then be unlikely to want to do business with you – it is extremely annoying and frustrating.

Below is finally the FULL story told from our side about drop ship businesses for sale reviews and how either ex-employees, competitors or downright scammers/blackmailers have made an active attempt to try to ruin our business and online business reputation.

They have tried over and over again in numerous ways to get us to either shut down, sell up or join up with their business, but we have flat-out refused, and so begun an online slandering campaign against us!

as we take apart the competition and haters that set out to try (unsuccessfully) to destroy us.

About Drop Ship Businesses for sale FAKED online reviews

Drop ship businesses for sale reviews

Dropshipbusinessesforsale.com reviews addressing the fakes

It has been brought to our attention quite a few times now that a number of FAKE mainly negative reviews have been circulating online that have been written about our company & business. These reviews have been posted to quite a few prominent online business review websites, with the obvious aim of slandering our entire business, possibly wanting to make it hard for new customers to trust us and trying to ruin the good reputation that it has taken years of slow and hard work to build up.

DropShipBuisnessesforSale.com is fed up with just sitting back and seemingly just allowing haters to slander our business (for whatever reason) and tell endless lies about the way that we conduct ourselves.

Based on the research undertaken by our team, it is now evident that these reviews have been faked and more than likely did not even originate from actual customers of ours. This is not only wrong but it is a complete and utter misuse of review posting websites, not to mention being actually against the terms and conditions of websites that have been set up to obtain honest reviews of a business from legitimate customers, 

 The purpose of this article is to address, clarify and tackle the slanderous.

DropShipBusinessesforSale.com Reviews once and for all and set the record straight.

Where we believe (and can now prove) the FAKE negative online reviews are coming from…

Dropshipbusinessesforsale.com reviews addressing the fakes

Dropshipbusinessesforsale.com reviews addressing the fakes

We have taken the time to do a bit of our own research into the sudden appearance of these reviews that have been posted about our business regarding Drop Ship Businesses for Sale reviews. From this research, we have managed to not only work out where the reviews were posted from, but we think we also have pretty good ideas about why they were posted too.

Here is what our research has uncovered…

Blackmailers & scammers have contacted us with threatening emails!

The long story short of this one is that thanks to our decent search engine rankings, within our business niche of selling drop shipping websites, our company (several times in the past) has been the victim of attempted email blackmail attempts!…

We have received (and can show an example screenshot of an email that we received below as proof) emails out of the blue claiming to be from reputable companies but basically TRYING to blackmail us into providing a link back from our website to their scammy website – or else they would APPARENTLY “RUIN our businesses online reputation!”. Our usual stance has been to completely ignore their requests as (just like the US government, we tend to prefer NOT to give in to terrorists, be they virtual or otherwise). We consider these types of scum to be virtual/digital terrorists!

Yes, you read that correctly……Out of the blue we have received emails from online individuals that have blatantly threatened to ruin the online reputation of our dropshipping business empire if we do not post a link from our website back to theirs and then confirm that this link has been posted to our site.

We have flat-out refused to do this and have instead chosen to completely ignore them.

Just take a look at one such threatening scammers’ email for yourself…

Drop ship businesses for sale reviews scammers email sent

Drop ship businesses for sale reviews scammers email sent

Of course, we completely ignore these scamming, cheating F**KERS because they do not scare us and we are not intimidated by them one bit!

Could these same individuals be the ones behind the sudden appearance of fake online reviews about our drop shipping company? Who knows.

Anyone that knows a bit about website SEO will understand exactly why they would make this seemingly outlandish request to us via email…

Why do they want us to post a link back from our website to theirs…

It is long been known by website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) professionals that the more links or backlinks that you have from other websites online pointing to your website, then the better your website will be perceived by the likes of Google and other Search Engines.

The current way the system is set up means that Google ‘sees’ a backlink as essentially a VOTE for your website. The more ‘votes’ you have then the better and the higher up in SERPS (Search Engine Position Results) that your website is likely to appear.

So, these scumbags think it is ok to go around the internet blackmailing other website owners and webmasters into posting the link back to their website which would give them an UPVote. Instead of just building up website lings naturally the long and hard way like the rest of us have to do.

Drop Ship Business for Sale COMPETITORS

Dropshipbusinessesforsale.com reviews addressing the fakes reviews

Dropshipbusinessesforsale.com reviews addressing the fakes reviews

This is quite an obvious one really. Those with any type of business are likely to more than understand the extent that some competitors will sometimes go to in order to divert more customers away from your business and towards theirs.

We were one of the first companies online to get into selling drop shipping website businesses. This has led to a lot of people trying to copy and even imitate what we do and the types of website businesses that we sell.

Ex-employees and ex-staff members with a grudge against us…

This is another one of our suspicions in that ex-employees with a possible grudge against the company could be the ones leaning the negative reviews against our drop-ship business.

We think this because some of the reviews even know and mention the names of either existing or previous staff members ( with a view to making their review seem more genuine). 

Now, our thinking behind this is that only existing or previous staff would be able to quote the names of staff in a review. Another possibility is that our competitors have taken the time to call us up, posing as potential customers, just so that they could find out specific staff names to be able to use in their reviews to make them seem more genuine to potential customers. I would not put this one past our competitors at all.

The problem with the majority of reviews websites…

One of the biggest problems with online review websites is the lack of vetting & auditing of any review that is posted on their website. There seems to be no need to not only prove that the review is genuine, but no need to even prove that you have ever been a customer of the company that you are trying to post an online review about. We find this to be absolutely ridiculous and know that is bound to lead to fake and untrustworthy reviews about not just our dropship website company, but other companies too.

We were the original Drop ship website sellers and are still the best

When we started selling Drop shipping websites no one else was doing this. I am not just saying this to show off in any way, I am saying it because it is the absolute truth. 

We started and were founded because our CEO spotted a gaping hole in the marketplace for a website people could go to not only purchase a brand new dropshipping store that had been building for them from the ground up, but one that also came with (what every single website needs) reliable & targeted marketing included in the price.

The competition is seriously MAD!

We have obviously pissed off our competition with the immense success that we have been having selling our affordable drop shipping stores online internationally.

It is obvious that our competition has been watching us intently and someone has gone to a heck of a lot of trouble to try to ruin our business’s reputation online because of the massive success that we have been experiencing.

Its must be mostly jealousy mixed with a hint of admiration combined with a sprinkle of wishing that they were in our shoes. What can I say?

CONCLUSION to Drop shipping businesses for sale reviews

So, in conclusion, to the many fake reviews that we now know are being left in a slanderous way against our company DropShipbusinessesforsale.com, we would just like the record to reflect that not only are we aware of these annoying FAKE reviews but we are actually taking the necessary steps to have them acknowledged for being fake and we are now determined to do something about them.

No one should just be able to log on to a review posting website, create an account and then be free to just slander another company without first being able to prove that they have been an official customer of said company and so would be leaving a genuine review of their experience with the company, good or bad.

If we owned these review websites, we would ensure that the onus is placed on the customer to prove that they are leaving a genuine review as part of a genuine and verified online shopping experience – not just a load of made-up lies.

We debated whether or not as a drop-ship website selling company we should set up our own reviews profile page to gather testimonials from past previous and current customers. The only problem with this idea (and what has prevented us from doing this) is that we know just how easily reviews can be faked!… Which makes us wonder if it is even really worth our while to set this up.

We could (if we wanted to) set up a reviews page/profile today and (make one payment) then have hundreds or even 1000s of FAKED 4 and 5-star reviews posted to the page by the end of the week – so, is it really worth it just to give potential future clients a good feeling inside? We think not.

We would much rather rely on our customers being able to contact us in order to make up their own minds about our business, rather than just judging us based on reviews that they may have read online.

Ultimately, we as a company not only hope but KNOW that thankfully we work with clients who are able to make their own minds up about a company and not just read online reviews that can so easily be faked (for better or worse).

A recent study proved that UP To 60% of product reviews on Amazon.com are fakes. Many may even be reviews that the product sellers have paid to have written for them. So those who base their purchasing decisions solely on reviews and the number of stars that a product as are in for quite a few surprises in the long run.

We intend to take legal action against these websites that have little to no vetting in place before they allow someone to just publish and slander the online business reputation of DropShipBuinessesforsale.com by writing untrue slanderous negative reviews about our business that we have fought long and hard to build up over the years.


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