How to purchase any of our websites or business services…

Learn step-by-step how to become an official customer with us hassle-free

Of course, we want to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for you to become an official customer with us.

This section is all about taking you through the steps to successfully make your next purchase with us – even if you are already a customer. 

If you are already a valued customer with us, our steps or processes may have changed so it could still be worth going through our purchasing guide below.

You can add as many of our websites, products and services to your digital cart as you wish, and then “Checkout” just once with just one single payment.

Step 1: Browse our wide range of websites & business opportunities

We have a wide range of potential websites, business & marketing services for you to choose from

Browse drop shipping internet websites for sale

Step 2: Click through to websites & business opportunities of interest

From our top menu you can choose any websites or business packages of interest to you


Step 3: Click to “View Demo” of actual website & read a description

See live how your intended website will look

View our drop ship website demo and view a description

Step 4: Continue to browse and add any of our other services to “Cart”

So you have your shiny new website, but what good is that if no one knows about it??….remember to add one of our website marketing & promotional packages from just $99 Per Month!

Website marketing and promotional packages

Add your preferred marketing package to your cart…


On our Turn-Key website business pages, the “Add To Cart” button will look like this …

Add chosen website or business package to your cart

Every item we have for sale on our website, whether it’s an actual website or a particular business service such as website design/website marketing & promotion package etc – will always have either a “Buy Now” or an “Add To Cart” button somewhere on the page.

In order to make your purchase with us, you just need to find what it is you would like to buy and then either click on the “Buy Now” or “Add To Cart” buttons that will be displayed on the same page.

It DOES NOT matter which order items are added to your digital shopping cart in.

Once your chosen item/s are in you ‘digital cart’ successfully, you can then go ahead to complete your purchase by making payment for the item via your credit or debit card.

Click this icon to view items in your shopping cart at any time

You can view the contents of your digital ‘Shopping Cart’ with us at any time by clicking on the ‘Cart’ icon that you will find in the top right-hand corner of our website.

View the contents of your shopping cart

Step 5: Apply any voucher codes, then click to complete Checkout

Do you have any promotional voucher codes with us? If yes, now is the time to apply this. If not, just click to continue to complete your checkout

Click to apply a voucher and then complete your checkout with us

Step 6: Enter your personal and payment details & Checkout

Now just enter your name & other personal details along with your card payment information & click to complete your payment

Buy a website with us by entering your personal details

Browse our website and choose the best business for you…

CONTRATULATIONS are in order…..

Congratulations as by the time you have reached this point, you will have now successfully purchased your website or business service with us.

So what happens next?….. sit tight because we will shortly be in touch with you (usually via email) in order to obtain more details about your website project.