This article is dedicated to helping you to learn How to gain Google and (of course) the other search engines respect correctly – in a way that won’t get your website penalized.

In the constant fight to be ranked higher than competitors, some may unwittingly be on a path to self destruction. Here are the things to do and some things to avoid when it comes to website promotion.

If done incorrectly, what started as an innocent way to try to gain Googles (and the other search engines) respect could end with your website being penalized and even banned completely did something that they consider to be against their terms of use.

Remember: Just Do not try to trick them!

What ever you do…. please do not try to trick Google, as the chances of you succeeding are very low indeed. In fact, you are more likely to end up just getting your website either penalized, banned or even both!…

Time was when… if you wanted to trick the SEs into instantly ranking your website higher than the competition for a particular keyword or phrase, all you had to do was to ‘stuff’ your chosen keyword into the page as many times as possible – even hidden text would work (text that was the same colour as the page background). This is test that was invisible to the human eye, but the robots of the search engines would be able to see this text and rank your website higher for it. This is no longer the case and such dodgy methods is just likely o get your websites banned

Publish fresh & new content frequently

Publish fresh content to gain search engines respect

Publish fresh content regularly

One near-certain way to get Google to not only like your website, but also ensure that it’s bots return often to look for fresh & new content is to ensure that you publish hot, new and regularly-updated content to your website as often as you can. At least two times per week I would strongly suggest.

If your website becomes known (within your industry) for publishing good content regularly, then your site is sure to be rewarded for this in the long term by the Search Engines sending more free web traffic your way.

Generally the more content that you have on your website that is related to current hot topics that people are searching for then the more website traffic you can expect to receive.

Blog your way to online greatness!

Attaching a blog to any website is a great way to ensure that you publish fresh content that should keep readers coming back for more information on what your business is up to lately. Most websites can benefit from the addition of a blogging section and blogs allow you to self-publish content and articles that you know your visitors will be interested in. If you want to learn how to create a blog from scratch then just contact us as this is definitely something that our team will be able to help you with.

Notify them of new articles and pages in the right way

Each time you complete writing a new article or publishing the new page to your website, It is a good idea generally to notify as many search engines as you can about the existence of the new page that you have just completed. Within the industry this is called ‘pinging’ the Search engines. It will help them to be able to index a new page in their listings much quicker than they usually would.

Waiting for your blog posts to garner the search engines attention will take time, but if you have produced well-written quality articles, then they will eventually get noticed and shared by many – which is sure to get the Se attention.

Ensure that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are fast becoming the default way for people to access a website on the move. In fact, the use of pocket-sized devices is predicted to soon over-take the use of desk top and laptop based computers.

Your website needs to be smart enough to know the device a visitor is using to access it and then ‘serve up’ a version of your website that looks great on their device and all within a matter of mere seconds.

Google themselves have admitted that they will begin penalizing websites that are not built to be mobile responsive and even de-ranking sites that are to built to be responsive from the ground up.

so…. you have been warned!

Use a Google site map tool (and ensure sitemap is kept up to date)

The more pages of your website that you are able to get indexed and listed within the Search Engines – the better. Having a site map on your website is a great way to instantly let the search engines know about other pages that exist within your websites architecture. It is also possible to include in your websites site map other information that can be useful to search engines such as when a page was last updated and how often it is updated.

Run targeted Google ads

This may not be something that everyone wants to hear because of course it costs money that some entrepreneurs may not have when they’re first starting out. But running Google adverts Can be a great way to not only get noticed by Google themselves, but also drive traffic to your website that is extremely targeted and specific to your particular business niche.

In addition, there are many companies out there that specialise in running Google adverts and getting the best high quality traffic for your spend. But it is not essential that you work with any other company to run Google ads. Just sign up for a free account with Google, take the time to read instructions on how to run high quality Google adverts and how to target your particular business niche – and the rest should come pretty easy to you.

CONCLUSION to How to gain Googles respect

Although in the long run it can be hard to get noticed and gain the search engines respect, especially since there’s so much noise out there with the (now) Billions of websites online. Which ever industry / business niche that you happen to be in – it is up to you as the owner of the website to come up with new and innovative ways to get noticed in 2022.

That being said, there is always things that we (website owners) can do to ensure that your website not only stands out, but shines within any crowded marketplace.

I hope that this article on Huw to gain the search engines respect has helped to give you a few ideas on ethical ways for you to be able to earn their respect and be rewarded with more 100% free website traffic to your online business.

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