If you have ever wanted to know How to start a Drop Shipping business, even if you are Flat Broke, this walk through guide is for you. It will take you through the main steps involved and show you how to start online Drop shipping business the quickest and most economical way.

Here are a few things that you will need to either already have, or at least acquire before you can even think about starting your own online drop shipping business:

  1. A business idea / niche
  2. A Domain name
  3. A website & hosting
  4. Suppliers

…… so lets expand on each of these in more detail…..

A business idea / Niche

What exactly will you be selling via your website? What top level or sub level niche will your website focus on? These are important questions for any Drop shipping entrepreneur to answer.

Once you have decided on your businesses specific niche, then you can go ahead and take required the steps below to set up your website ready to begin taking customer orders.

A good Domain Name

Domain name search

Next you need to think about what your website business will be called (it’s ‘www’ name). Our guide here will help you with how to come up with the perfect business / Domain name for your website / business.

Choosing a great domain can give you a real head start in business, so be sure to take your time over it and get it right.

A website and Web Hosting

website business hosting

Drop ship website hosting

A word to the wise here!…… do not make the same mistakes as the majority when choosing suitable hosting for your website. Things like a websites speed, page loading times, the location of your sites hosting servers, can all have a real effect of how the likes of Google will rank your website.


Truth be told, your Drop shipping internet business will be made or broken by it’s suppliers – good or bad. Finding good and reliable suppliers can be hard, but you will need them if your business is to thrive.

The likelihood of being scammed & losing a lot of money before you manage to find good suppliers is very high indeed. But persist, take your time and you will get there in the end.

When you do finally manage to find great drop shipping suppliers for your business it will all have been worth it as they will make your life so much easier – not to mention increase your profits.

A good supplier will also be able to give you good looking clear images of their products for your website that do not contain any watermarks – and better yet, they may even be able to send you a CSV file of their hundreds or even thousands of products that you can easily upload to your website – making the whole process much easier.

Once you have found suitable suppliers, it is important that you continue to build great working relationships with them. You should also ensure that you have agreements with them to send all orders out in the packaging of your business.


The above steps are the basic principles involved in setting up any Drop Shipping e-commerce website for yourself. So as you can probably already see, it’s not hard once you know how – and once you have decided on the specifics of your business.

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