Included with all our new drop shipping websites

We like to give our customers so much more than our competition does within our Turnkey drop shipping website niche…

Consider it our way of thanking you for putting the ultimate faith in us by becoming a valued client & customer.

Our pricing is more than that of our competitions because we aim to provide you with EVERYTHING a website needs to succeed online in the current digital market place….

…..The way we see it, there is no point in just selling you a website and then leaving you to undertake marketing and promotion by yourself (unless you are a seasoned online marketer). We would much rather provide you with one affordable price that includes everything that an online business needs to be a success. 

Unless stated otherwise, you WILL receive all of the following with your new website from us:

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We promise that Every website we sell will come with the following added benefits as a minimum…

All inclusions are explained to you below in more detail.

You get a FREE Domain Name

EVERY website needs a Domain Name. Some say that the Domain Name choice is the starting foundation of any online business.

What if I can’t think of a suitable Domain Name for my business project by myself?

It’s ok if you don’t know the Domain name that you would like to use for your online business when you purchase your online business from us, Just let us know that you are struggling a Domain Name to use for your new business and our team will be happy to help you to research and come up with suitable possible Domain name choices for you. We will compile a list of suitable Domain names, then all you need to do is to pick the one that you are happy to use for your new website – it’s that simple.

You get a FREE Logo design for your brand new website

Another thing your website will need is a Logo, which is very important for your websites/businesses identity.

Every website we sell also comes with our free logo design service. Our team of in-house graphic designers will come up with a logo and visual identity for your business that matches your ethos and helps to show your professionalism to your websites visitors.

You are also welcome to use your own logo if you do already have this.

I already have my own logo, can I use this for my new online business?

YES, absolutely! … If you do already have a logo prepared for your website, be sure to let us know this at the earliest opportunity. We will also need you to email it to us so that our design team can incorporate it into the look and feel of your new website as they are designing and building it.

Website setup just like the advertised demo version

We know that it can be so frustrating sometimes when you like the design of a website, purchase it to install on your own domain, but when you visit your domain, it looks nothing like the advertised demo version. We want to avoid this scenario here at Drop Ship Businesses for sale

When you purchase a website from us that does have a demo version, we will set up and install the website onto your domain for you and ensure that it matches our demo version exactly. We will also make any custom minor changes to your website for you for free – things like changing colour schemes, adding plug-ins and minor layout changes will be done at no extra charge to you.

12 months website hosting included

Website hosting is another thing that you just don’t need to worry about with us – for 12 months at least.

Every website we sell comes with 12 months of website hosting included for FREE – which means no recurring monthly fees to pay and no extra hidden costs.

What are the costs after the first 12 months free?

After your first 12 months of free web hosting, hosting will then renew at just $60 per year thereafter.

3 months Website marketing & promotion included

They say that the marketing and promotion of a website is the most important part of owning an online business. If done right, the rewards can be huge!….

….The problem is though that most people are not expert website marketeers – we know this, which is why we now include 3 months os FREE website marketing with every new website that we sell.

Our team of in-house website marketing experts will help to get your new website off to the best possible start by implementing the right marketing strategy for your website and business for you for the first 3 months. This should provide your website with more than enough traction to be able to sustain itself long-term.

Search Engine Submission

Also included with our website design package is our Search Engine Submission service. Our team will submit your website (once it has been completed) to all of the major Search Engines – enabling them to index your website fast and send you some much-needed web traffic for free.

Our website submission service includes all of the major search engines, so they definitely will know that your website exists and what it is all about..

Website Directory Submission

Although not as important as they used to be, many website developers swear by the importance of (still in 2020) taking the time to submit your website to website directories (especially those that are related to your particular websites niche).

Our website directory submission service will see your completed website submitted to over 1300 of the TOP website directories out there. You can expect this to lead to additional free web traffic to your website. We ensure that we look for directories that are related to your specific niche and so can lead to laser-targetted traffic to your website. When web traffic is targetted correctly, then it has the best possible chance of converting into sales eventually.

Social Media Accounts

Having Social Media accounts is becoming more and more important now. More and more companies are relying on their social media accounts to drive traffic to their websites.

We are able to create a social media account on all of the major platforms. Just let us know which social accounts you require for your online business then leave the rest to us.

Unlimited help and support

Whatever your skill set and knowledge level when it comes to websites, online businesses and marketing, you and nothing to worry about with us.

All of our online business opportunities come with unlimited help and support. You are welcome to contact us at any time and someone from our knowledgable team will be very happy to help you.

So, never let your ‘lack of knowledge’ stop you from taking the plunge and getting started with your own online business and we will be very happy to help you.

We offer you so much more than the competition, so why settle for anything less!?…

So there you have it…….our website business packages come with all you need to not only start an online business but to start a business that has the best possible chance of giving you the online success and financial freedom that you deserve.

SO if you are ready to begin your journey and start your own successful online business……..take your time to browse our website and then get in touch with us when you are ready to get started and we will be very happy to help you.