PayPal are bullies, why we don't want to use PayPal

PayPal SUCKS!…And so do Credit Card processing companies. Here’s why…

Every single day online businesses are being held to ransom by Credit Card processing companies. They know that we NEED them to act as the ‘middle man’ in every transaction and every time that there is a need to process an online payment.

They already have a relationship with the big Credit Card companies (Visa. Mastercard, American Express etc). And, they already have the infrastructure in place to be able to be able to process customers credit cards and take care of fraud-prevention.

The problem arises tho when (just like in a relationship when one partner realises that the other relies heavily on them), the card companies become bullies and begin to try to dictate exactly what will happen when – and tell you that it is either their way or the high way!

Well, this is our stance against them and their bully-boy tactics!……. JOIN US as we launch our campaign to increase the popularity of Direct Bank Transfers, and cut out the expensive “middle men”.

Not just PayPal, but other Credit Card Processing companies too

Our gripe is about not just PayPal, although they are our main focus for this article. There is something to be said against ALL credit/debit card processing companies who think that it’s ok to take an unreasonable amount of percentage from the payments that an online business receives – just for’sitting on their behinds’ and doing absolutely nothing!…..

….They did not put our website nor business together, they had nothing to do with our website nor any of the steps that lead to us even being able to make money for our customers in the first place – and they will quite happily take a decent chunk out of EVERY SINGLE customer’s payment that we receive – surely that it unfair!?

Join us in our stance against PayPal and expensive Credit card processing fees…..

For far too long now PayPal and other online Credit card processing companies have had internet entrepreneurs by the private parts and felt like they can do whatever they want with our customers’ money; believing that they can hold onto it for as long as they like and make us ‘jump through hoops’ just to be able to access what (the customer believed) that they were sending directly to us in the first place…..

We (as a company) have honestly had enough of this and so are beginning our campaign to get more and more of our customers to effectively cut out the PayPal-shaped middle-man and pay us for their business via a Direct Bank transfer or other cash methods.

You instantly save 10% on ALL advertised pricing as we pass on the savings of monies that would normally have gone to the “middle man”, we pass these savings on to you.

More money more problems!

We especially experience nightmare PayPal interactions when it comes to our Guaranteed Income business plans, as they tend to be at a much higher price point than our general websites for sale.

Our Guaranteed income plans can start from $2000 and go up to $10,000; so as you can imagine, the minute PayPal see such figures entering into our account, their natural approach is to freeze/hold the money first and ask questions later. For these sums of money, it can feel as if we are expected to tell PayPal our lifes-history (from the day we were born up to now) – before the funds are even considered to be released – hence the feeling of having to jump through hoops!

The problem with PayPal

The problem with PayPal is that as of 2020 they have simply just gotten too BIG for their boots and have now just become bullies!……

Time was when PayPal was just a small and growing internet start-up company (I know, it seems like such a long time ago now, but hey). They valued every single customer that they acquired and they actually took the time to step in and offer a real human-to-human approach when/if things ever went wrong. Nowadays you would be surprised at the number of ‘decisions’ at PayPal that are 100% automatic and either taken by their software/computer systems or Robots.

Actions such as Account limitations, the holding of any monies paid (over a certain amount), and even total account closures & bans can and often are now automated processes.

The likelihood is that they will take severe action FIRST, and then get you to prove your ‘case’ and authenticity afterwards. Or, if you will, they treat all new account openers as criminals at first, who are likely to be out to launder money via their platform – until its been proved otherwise!

The typical recurring PayPal scenario for us…

We have been with PayPal for many years, and you would think that by now our reputation with them would be solid – but the sad truth is that it is not. PayPal STILL places a “temporary hold” on our customers’ money (especially higher amounts over $1000) and ask us for “proof that we have shipped out the item!”………that’s right, even though everything that we sell is digital, PayPal still request endless proof of shipping!……

We, of course, contact them to explain that the item sold was a ‘digital product’ and so we can not provide a physical shipping label and the customers’ website will take a few weeks to build for them. This apparently falls on ‘deaf ears’ as next we will be informed that the customer’s money is remaining on “hold” for up to 21 days and will only be released after this time period has passed uneventfully (with no complaints).

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but when you have dozens of customers who have paid you several thousand dollars each and this money is being kept on hold where you are unable to make use of it – to pay staff or even to be able to purchase things that the client may require for the functionality of their upcoming website, then it can really begin to affect the functioning of a small to medium-sized company (like ourselves). It can become quite crippling.

We are not alone!

Complaints about PayPal are not just coming from us!…….As you can imagine, over the years PayPal has managed to rack up some real virtual enemies!… much so that some have taken the time to set up websites and other ‘anger-venting platform where current and ex disgruntled users of PayPal are able to vent their anger and frustrations of the platform to anyone who seems willing to listen.

The internet seems full of PayPal users who seemingly have a “nightmare” PayPal story to tell………

…… I have taken the time to read just a few off these internet stories and I must say that (if they are true) then PayPal definitely have a lot to be ashamed of themselves for.

It’s not just us

Numerous websites have been set up which really expose PayPal and tell the true “Horror” stories of thousands of users who have all had nightmare experiences using PayPal!…..

Websites such as:

… and so on are websites that are just dedicated to telling the nightmare stories of PayPal users. It’s should really make you think how bad customers experiences must have been if entire websites have been set up dedicated to telling the stories of disgruntled users.

Customers that pay using PayPal usually don’t take the time to think about PayPal being the middleman when they send their payment to a company – nor the impact that this may be having.

PayPals reviews are terrible!

A quick ‘Googling’ of the search term “PayPal reviews will bring up the PayPal Trustpilot profile. The minute you land on their profile you will know that something is up!

PayPal Trustpilot reviews profile

….. For such a BIG company they have absolutely terrible reviews! If a smaller company had such low reviews, people would be terrified to do business with them!…….But because its PayPal and because of their big bully size, the majority are will to just overlook what absolutely shocking reviews they have.


In short, we as a company have had enough of not just PayPal, but Credit Card processing companies in general who insist on acting as middle-men whilst treating us (the company) like puppets on their string!…..The way they feel that they deserve a slice of every single sale even though they played no part in obtaining that sale nor in ensuring that the customers’ order is delivered.

The alternative is direct Bank Transfers

Sending us payment for your website via a direct bank transfer ensures that you cut out the PayPal/ CC processing shaped company and pay us as directly as is possible.

When you send us a direct Bank Transfer payment, your money is just as safe as any other payment method and you can rest assured that there will be NO hold placed on your funds.

You will also instantly save 10% on ALL advertised pricing as we pass on the savings of monies that would normally have gone to the middle man, we pass these savings on to you.

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