Projects final release & transfer fee payment

This is a final project ending fee that becomes payable by all customers before the official release of any individual projects and or project files.

This requirement has been set out clearly within our websites terms & conditions of use as well as our general websites terms.

If you are contacted by drop ship business for sale staff and told that it is time to pay your PFRTF (Projects Final Release & Transfer Fee) then you should be absolutely over the moon because it means that our website development team have finally completed your projects on your behalf and this is the very last fee that you as the customer are obligated to pay in order to finally begin releasing your project/s to the internet.

The Projects Final Release fee is payable by all drop ship businesses for sale customers at the end of projects and is not something that can be delayed, transferred or put off. 

The amount of the PFRTF fee will vary customer to customer and will depend primarily on not only the number of individual projects that you have with us, but also the scope and depth of said projects. This fee will always be a  percentage of the total monetary value of your projects and represents (for the most part a tax payment value as well as other final company charges that have occurred in order to get your projects to their final stage of completion.

The PFRTF fee is a  final payment that is payable by ALL customers at the end of their projects before they are released and set to being in officially LIVE status. 

NO projects will be released nor set to officially LIVE final status until PFRTF fee for each specific customer has been paid in full and confirmed by management.

Our website development team is probably our hardest working department here at DSBFS. They will have worked many hours, days, weeks and even months behind the scenes to ensure that your project/s are at a place where they can even be considered as being fully completed. 

It will have been the pleasure of our web development team to work on your project for as long as they have. This last payment goes specifically to covering the inevitable taxes due as well as specifically supporting this department within our company – who do such amazing work for our international customers and clients.

Drop Ship Businesses for Sale management