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Why networking is good for business and why you and I should always aim to network

You’ve probably already heard that networking is a great idea for those who are in business, especially if you are running an online business – it’s a really good idea to network with others, especially those who are in a similar field to you.

Websites such as have sprung up with the sole purpose of enabling people with similar interests to be able to setup ‘Meet Up’ events to which they can invite others with the same or similar interest.

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So why should you network?

It’s a fair question. So before we get stuck into the real ‘meat’ of this article,  let’s just take a look in more detail at why it’s generally a good idea for you to network with other people – especially on the website

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It’s a great way to meet other like-minded individuals

Networking and networking events can be a really great way to meet other people who are interested in the same sort of things that you are.

Because you already have similar business interests, you should find it much easier to be able to strike up a conversation about your similar interest/s

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You could meet partners, co-founders and even possible employees

Because (if you are networking in the right way) you are attending networking  and MeetUp events that are closely related to your interests & areas of business expertise, there should be many other people who have the same business interests as you, or maybe have the ‘Yang’ to be able to compliment your ‘Ying’ – that are attending the exact same networking events as you. This leads to a Mahoosive opportunity to be able to find possible: Investors, Co-Founders, Staff etc. Attend the right events and you never know who you might be able to find who will compliment your business.

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You learn more about yourself

Networking with other people can also help you to learn more about yourself in the sense that other people can often help you to see things (including the world) differently – sometimes even causing you to question why you’ve been looking at the world in a certain way. It can be a real eye-opener.

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How to network the right way

Just like most things in life, there is a right and a wrong way to network. Learning to network effectively will save you a lot of wasted time and energy.

So let’s delve a little deeper into how you should and should not be networking…

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How not to network

Don’t do these if you want to ensure you are networking correctly…

Don’t just stay online

Even though we are of course in the era of the internet, this does not at all mean that the internet provides the best or most effective way to network.

Staying at home behind the protection of a computer monitor may not always be doing you any favours.

Websites such as LinkedIn yes are built for the purposes of networking, but that does not mean they can beat good old-fashioned face-to-face networking.

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Do not just keep it local

You’ll unlock so much more possibilities once your open your networking efforts up to a wider circle.

Wherever you are based, and whatever circle of friends/business contacts you may already have. Do not see this as your only chance to network.

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How to network the right way

Now let’s take a look at how you do go about networking with others correctly…

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Always carry business cards

A true business person should never be caught short, or lose the opportunity to network. The chances are that someone will ask you for a business card when you are least likely to have one on you – so my advice to you is to always take at least a few business cards with you where ever you are going, and be ready to hand them out at a moments notice.

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Look friendly and approachable

Do yourself a favour….. whilst you are out there attending the various networking events, do your self a favour and make a determined effort to ensure that you look comfortable, friendly & approachable. Few things are worse than coming across someone whose ‘resting face’ looks as if they are about to go to war!

Attend networking events

As previously mentioned, there are many websites out there that have the aim of bringing together those who have similar interests. My personal favourite is the website: The range of possible interests to choose from is so wide and varied that you are bound to find communities on there that will interest you – whatever you are in to.

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See every opportunity as a chance to network!

Whether you are going to your local convenience store to buy milk, off to the gym or even just going for an early morning jog – be sure to take some business cards with you!

A networking opportunity could present itself anywhere, and you should never allow yourself to be caught short.

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So in this article, we have taken a look at why networking is a good idea, as well as why networking is good for business. So whether you have a Drop Shipping Business or any other, always see networking as an important part of your business.

You should ideally be able to turn almost every encounter (even if it’s with a stranger) into a networking opportunity. Use it as a chance to possibly gain a new business contact. Hand out your business card, take theirs, learn what they do and tell them about your business as well as what you do – as you never know what this simple interaction might lead to for you or your business.

Happy networking!


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