Top 5 drop shipping business niche markets

It is a question that we get asked all of the time: “What are the top money-making Drop Shipping business niches that you recommend getting in to if i want a good chance of making money online?”

So we thought it best to answer this question once and for all in this our top 5 drop shipping niche markets to  choose from.

Any business niche that has made it on to this our top 5 list is a great niche to be involved with in the 1st place. This tops list comes from our many years worth of 1st hand professional drop shipping business knowledge.

We know what our many customers are most requesting, and we also know what business are producing the best results financially for our clients – so consider the below recommendations a word to the wise – & ignore them at your peril.

This list will go from 1 to 5 with – 1 being our most recommended business niche markets to be involved in…

1. Selling DIGITALLY downloadable items Niche ( eBooks, Software, Video Courses etc )

Digital products drop shipping website businesses

Digital products drop shipping website businesses

This would have to be my personal favourite for those who want to be running a great online business with excellent profit generating potential and minimal hassle.

The pros I love about running a business selling digital items are 2-fold:

  • . There is NO Posting of items Required – When an item sells, you need to do NO posting and your customers order can be fulfilled remotely – which is priceless! This means NO repetitive trips to the post office lugging bags full of customer orders to be sent out, NO ever-increasing postage costs.
  • . Very Few potential Charge back Issues – Digital product based business are much less likely to fall victim to charge-back & ‘item not received’ refund issues’. If a customer has paid and then gets in touch with you to state that they have not received their order, then you can simply re-send it as it will usually cost you nothing extra.

The likes of Clickbank & JVZoo specialise in allowing you to sell ONLY your digitally downloadable & deliverable products. So all you need to do is to create your product and then use any of these platforms to sell them:

  • . Clickbank – allows you to sell your own digital items and also makes it easy to recruit affiliates to help to sell your products for you
  • . Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing ( KDP ) – Allows you to create & sell your own Kindle ebooks.
  • JVZoovery similar to ClickBank but not yet as many affiliates. Definately growing though.

Some greate possible Digital products to create include:

  • . eBooks or Amazon Kindle Books
  • . Software
  • . Video Courses
  • . Membership websites

We can help you to plan then build a niche business with a digital product based around any of the above digitally deliverable products. Just reach out to us if you would like to get started. 


2. Adult Products Niche

Adult website drop shipping online store business

Adult website drop shipping online store business

Did the picture to the left make you cringe any?…..

Some people will frown at the sheer thought of running a adult drop shipping website business selling adult products such as sex toys, lingerie & other items; but the truth of the matter is that there is some serious money to be made in the adult products business niche in particular .

The wise among you will know that it usually makes financial sense to follow the money & leave emotions out of it when it comes to online business.

Adult items are not illegal so there should be no real moral problems selling such items. You would not be delving into the seedy realms of internet porn either – which is where the real issue for most people lies.

The truth of the matter is that most people do not feel comfortable walking into their local high-street adult shop & asking to inspect the latest hot ‘new vibrator’ to hit the market. Instead they would prefer to just browse and select from the comfort & privacy of their own homes. This is where you and your adult drop shipping store would could come in.

So my advice to you would be to out aside your discomfort with adult products  & even any possible personal beliefs that you may have – and just go where the money is & probably will be for a very long time to come!



3. Electronics Items Niche

electrical items website online business

electrical items website online business

With the like of eBay & Amazon selling similar products and often able to undercut you on price, some people see the electronics niche as a seriously over-crowded market to get involved in; but there is still some great money to be made selling electronics products.

As with just about any business that you even think to get involved in, you will always find competition & even cheaper prices. But it’s tiem to stop thinking about / watching the competition and start thinking about your USP!

You see, if your USP (Unique Selling Point) is strong enough then you will begin to carve out your own niche & even build a following of super dedicated & loyal customers – what ever your chosen niche.

Your USP does not even need to be something spectacular. It could be that you have amazing after-sales or pre-sales customer service. It could be that you offer super fast delivery, a dedicated help section on your website for the items your are selling, or just that you are open for longer than the competition or know more about the items that you are selling.

You see the problem with the big dogs is that they are selling so many items (or in the case of ebay – they are not wenen selling their own items), that it can be hard for them to specialise in any 1 product. So if you can specialise in what you are offering for sale and offer your customers more – then even in the crowed business niches of electronics products you will be able to create  your own profitable online business.


4. Selling Pet Products Niche

Pets drop shipping store

Pets drop shipping store

It’s not for everyone but the truth is that in general we are a nation of pet-lovers. After our homes then our cars, more money is spent on our pets than any other area of our lives – with the average pet owner that has any spare income wanting to really pamper their pooch – buying things like cool beds for them to sleep on, fancy containers / bowls for them to eat out of – and even trendy clothing for them to wear.

Pets are currently the fashionable thing for owners to spend their money on,   it really can make a lot of money-making sense to be running a pets drop shipping store.






5. Specialist items & Tech products Niche

Hover boards online web business

Hover boards online web business

Have you heard of, or maybe even been a part of the Hover Boards / Self balancing wheels craze?

Ever since certain celebrities were seem riding on them & pictures started to appear in the news papers & on the TV, they fast became the next must have gadget – and sales of the hover boards went through the roof internationally!

My point here is that: if the product is right & in-demand, then you can take 1 single product and build a whole very successful drop shipping business around just that one product. All it takes is ensuring that you keep your eyes peeled for what is or could be the next big thing.

Allow me to give you an example……

During the whole Hover boards craze, where ever we looked we we’re hearing & reading about these “hot new ride-on gadgets”. So we decided to look for drop shipping suppliers of these products and get see how much each board would take to have Drop Shipped to customers all over the world.

The resulting website was this:

We took the time to build establish and SEO that website. To say that the financial results from bulding this website have been phenomenal would be an understatement.


I have given you an advantage here by letting you know the current top most requested & popular Drop shipping business niches; and the niche markets that are currently producing the best results for our clients. Although you are welcome to completely ignore these recommendations if you which because I also strongly believe that if the right amount of work is put in then just about any business niche can be made profitable.

If you are interested in building a similar Drop Ship Store for you, then just get in touch with us. To see how we can help you to get to the next financial level.



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