Top 5 reasons to own and run a drop shipping website business

Our Top 5 reasons you should buy a Drop Shipping website business TODAY!


All clued up entrepreneurs know that it’s not about having a 9 – 5 job  if you really want to change and secure your own financial future, so here are our top 5 reasons for why you should do all you can to be owning and running your own drop shipping ecommerce website business as fast as you possibly can.

1. You can make really good money running a Drop Shipping Ecommerce Website

The truth is that none of us would be in this if it weren’t for the money, & there is some serious money to be made owning and running a drop shipping ecommerce store. Whether you are drop shipping via eBay or your own ecommerce website drop shipping is the perfect business model to operate as it has much lower start up costs and often requires you to hold no stock of your own – all you have to do is to source reliable & verified suppliers for the items that you intend to sell online. Once you have chosen your business niche, found drop shipping suppliers, then all you need to do is to buy your own drop shipping store or ecommerce platform to be selling your items from.

2. You get to be your own boss

Let’s face it, so many people are FED UP of having a boss & being forced to go in to work every day – seeing the same old faces and going through the exact same monotonous routine day in and day out (robot-like). It can be soul-sapping!

When you are running your own successful online business, you get to be your own boss which is absolutely priceless! YOU get to set your own rules, you decide when you wake up, and you decide if you will even go in to work today or if you will take the day off instead.

There really is no better feeling than knowing that you are the one who is in charge of you own financial future and that the proverbial buck stops and starts with you.

So many governments have promised their citizens the world – assuring them of a comfortable pension when they retire. But these pensions never materialise and they realise that they will need to work harder for longer way past retirement just to be able to survive.

3. You can make sales from your drop shipping store even while you sleep

There really is nothing better than waking up in the morning only to find out that whilst you were sleeping someone has purchased from your Drop shipping website and you have made some money whilst counting sheep. What’s more, when you are running a drop shipping business you are not even the one that needs to do the shipping of their purchase to them! This is the exact experience that owning and running an online drop shipping website business can give you.

On the flip side, the minute you clock out from work you don’t get paid. if you decide not to go in the next day, you don’t get paid. I know which one i would prefer!

4. It’s a great feeling

It can be a real great feeling to know that you own & are building something that is yours. Your own little slice of the internet. Your internet baby.  The more time you invest in your “internet baby” caring for, nurturing it, then the faster & better it should grow.

5. It’s much less of a financial risk

If you look at the typical costs of starting a bricks and mortar business & compare these to starting an online business or drop shipping ecommerce store then it soon becomes obvious that a drop shipping business is much less of a financial risk and will be much easier on your wallet. Lets take a look…..

Typical Bricks & Mortar business start up costs
  • Rent on Premises ($1000s)
  • Equipment for premisses ( depends on business but usually $1000s)
  • Business insurance ($1000s)
  • Business material & Stationary ($100s – $1000s)
  • Marketing & Advertising  ( $1000s and can be hit & miss )
Typical Online business start up costs
  • A Domain Name ($5 – 10 Per Year)
  • Website hosting ( $10 – $50 Per Year)
  • A brand new or Established Drop Shipping Ecommerce Website ( $500 – $5000 ) Generally the more you pay for a website the better business it is. E.G if you pay $3000 for a website that is already generating a monthly income then within a few months you will have your investment back and the rest will be pure profit ( not many bricks and mortar business can afford you that).
  • Marketing and Advertising ( $50 – $200 Per Month – with the more you spend usually expected to provide a higher return)

As as you can see running an online drop shipping business just makes a lot more sense especially financially. There is much less of an outlay to get started when compared to a traditional business.

There really has never been a better time to own and run a drop shipping ecommerce store!

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