Top 3 websites for sale with existing traffic and sales

Established online business websites for sale

Take the short cut route to online business success with our list of the Top 3 website businesses for sale that come with existing customers internet traffic and / or website sales

It can be real hard starting an internet business online. First there is the whole process of business niche selection, setting up your website, adding products, and so on. But what if you could purchase an already established website business that has taken care of most of the steps for you already. This is the exact privilege that purchasing an established business gives you.

Here are our selection of 6 business websites for sale that can simply be purchased, tweaked and then promoted…… Talk about fast route to profits!

1. Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

Web Address: www.ecommerceshoppingcartsolutions.com

Domain Age: 8 Years

Website Sales: Yes (Including $9000 in a single month)

Asking Price: $4995 with SERIOUS offers invited

This is an absolute gem of a website business for sale with an aged domain name, a great looking & functioning website and some pre-existing website sales to boot (website achieved over $9000 in one particular month).

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Solutions provides a business services of setting up an ecommerce website for those who with to sell their goods or services online.

All this business needs is some marketing and promotion using the likes of Social networking & or Pay Par Click and te sales should continue to come in.


Established ecommerce shopping cart website business for sale

Established ecommerce shopping cart website business for sale




2. Learn Cadia

Web Address: www.learncadia.com

Domain Age: 8 Months

Business Sales: Yes (via the Udemy platform this business achieves recurring automated income)

Asking Price: $4000 with SERIOUS offers invited

With this established business the new owner will receive an account on the Udemy Online learning platform which currently has over 5000 loyal students. You will also become the proud new owner the the main Learn Cadia website: www.learncadia.com.


Learn Cadia established-online-learning website business for sale

Learn Cadia established-online-learning website business for sale



3. 28 Day Deals

Web Address: www.28daydeals.com

Domain Age: 1 Year 4 months

Website Sales: NO sales as yet but daily traffic to monetize

Asking Price: $2795 with SERIOUS offers invited

Although the 28 Day Deals website has not achieved any website sales yet, it just had to be featured here in ot “Top Lists” for 2 main reasons:

  1. We truely believe this to be one of the best looking websites that we have EVER had the pleasre of listing for sale on our website. This alone gives the website HUGE growth potential as businesses are instantly judged by the professionalm (or not) of their website.
  2. It is already getting 100% free natural search engine traffic due in part to the sheer number of drop shipping products that have already been listed for sale on the site. Generally the more products you have avaliable for sale on your website, the better chance you have of being found when someone is searching for items for sale.

This business would really benefit from a new owner who knows the right direction to take the business in and then financial success should soon follow.


28 day deals established website business for sale

28 day deals established website business for sale

We really hope you have enjoyed viewing our list of top 3 Established website businesses for sale with traffic. Remember that these are real and genuine website business that are in need of a new owner.

If you are interested in becoming the new owner of any of our business websites for sale then just visit the corresponding link of the website that you are interested in and either lick to “Buy Now” or make us a serious and genuine offer which we will give carelull consideration to.

We endevour to help and support ALL those who purchase a business website from us. We will help you to run and promote your new business and won’t just desert you. That is our personal promise to you. SO even if you have never run your own online business before, as long as you have the required drive and desire to succeed, then we will do our very best to help you.

Good luck in running your own drop shipping website business!

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