Turn-Key established websites for sale explained…

Some things need to be explained and clarified on more details This is definitely the case for our established website businesses for sale…

Established websites explained further…

People often get excited when we say that we have established website businesses for sale, sometimes thinking that the minute they buy such a website business from us, that’s it, they are about to become instant millionaires!… It’s not always true and we wanted to clarify this as well as explain the several other different types of established websites that are available to purchase/buy here on our website.

There are different types of established

There are varying degrees to which a website can be established. The word established can have various meanings when it comes to websites.

Websites can be established to varying degrees – everything from established and ready to begin trading LIVE (sometimes called being Turn-Key) to established for months/years and has been taking customers’ orders a lot of traffic coming from the search engines and many sales in the bag.

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Buying an established website still means work…

The truth is that even buying an established website business for sale will still require both work and effort from either you ( its new owner), or us if you have purchased one of our Turn-Key guaranteed income business plans.

Do not buy this type of website if you are not ready to continue to invest both time and money in to ensuring that your new business will continue to grow and flourish.

Here’s how we classify our different established websites for sale ….

NEW STARTER Stores will be set up on ANY Domain Name of your choice

All about new starter stores

These websites are Brand Spanking NEW and are not live or online yet.

LIVE demos of these stores can be found under our “Categories A – Z” tab on the top menu of our website.

Steps to getting started with a turn-key new Starter Store

  1. Browse our DEMO stores under “Categories A – Z” on the MIAN menu of our website.
  2. Decide on a Domain Name that you would like to use for your store (Or you can also use an existing domain that you own)
  3. Purchase this website from us and let us know your choice of Domain.

We will then install and set up the demo store on your chosen domain name.

Our Established Turn-Key websites (Ready To Go)…

These are websites that WE already come up with the idea for, choose a suitable domain name and then set about building the website by ourselves.

They can be found under our Established Turn-Key websites for sale section on the top menu of our website.

Steps to getting started with a Starter Store

  1. Browse our “Established Websites” for sale.
  2. Choose and purchase the website that is for you
  3. The established website and the domain name will be transferred into your ownership.

You then become the brand new owner of your own website that’s fully turn-key and ready to go.

Established websites for sale with web traffic and or Sales…

Our established websites with website traffic and or sales are the top (and so predictably) most expensive websites that we have.

They can be found under our Established websites for sale with web traffic and or sales

These websites, our team will have taken the time to not only design and build these site but also to begin to establish them within the search engines including Google.

Steps to getting started with an established store with website traffic

  1. Browse our “Established websites with web traffic ” section.
  2. These websites will already come with Domain names as well as web traffic.
  3. Purchase this website from us.

We will then hand over your new website as well as all login details as well all associated files & digital assets.

Domain names for sale and buying a domain from us…

We are always able to offer an exciting range of high-profit-potential domain names available for sale right here from our website.

For the best domains, I would advise you to bookmark our website and check back often for new purchasable domains.