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So what are white label business opportunities exactly?

In order to define what are white label businesses, we would need to look a bit deeper into the white labelling concept as a whole.

I am sure you have heard of many different types of website business opportunities for sale, but white label business opportunities may not be one of them – as it is not as popular as some of the other types of online businesses for sale models that you may be used to.

So this article is all about explaining a bit more about what exactly a whitelabel business is and how it works.

What is white labeling & what is a white label online business?

Just like the drop shipping business model, white labeling is just a different type of online business model that can allow you to take someone else’s existing product or business solution, put your name/brand on it, and sell their services to your customers under your own existing brand.

White labeling can be a much quicker route to successfully making money online than traditional methods (and usually has a much higher success rate) as it allows you to take someone else’s’ already established business and run with it.

When you opt for a white label business solution, the original owners of the product /service that you are white labeling will have already made those mistake that you probably would have made had you started from scratch – and so by the time that you purchase the business model will be much more refined.

A specific example of white labeling…

Imagine that you ran a website design /development company and an existing client gets in touch with you to say that they would also like help with their websites SEO as well (those who need a website will usually also require some SEO). You would probably then just refer them to a specialist separate SEO company that you ‘know’ and essentially send their possible extended business else where.

The much smarter thing to do would be to have pre-anticipated this possible extended business avenue, and have already made plans for this.

You should have already gotten in touch with a company that offers 2 things:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to their customers. It’s also great if they mainly specialize in this.
  2. White label business packages for their SEO services.

You will then be able to form a relationship with them whereby they will allow you to sell their SEO services to your clients. You will probably be able to re-brand their SEO service to that of your existing company.

So when your customer request SEO as part of an add-on solution to their website design package, you are able to say: ‘yes we do that also’ and then offer the 3rd parties SEO solutions under your brand, so your customer stays with you and is never sent elsewhere – which is always a good thing.

You will of course always add your profit margin on top of what the white label SEO agency charges you – making it a win-win situation.

The need for a white label business explained

Opting for a white label website business solution can save you both time and money – as well as uncomplicating things.

They are especially great if you already have a business that the white label solution can just be bolted on to in order to increase the range of products that you are able to offer to your customers.

The pros and cons of a white label business

As you can expect, there are many pros as well as cons to owning & running a white label business. Let’s take a look at a few of these.

The Pros of a white Label Business

A few of the pros are:

  • Increased business opportunities
  • Quicker routes to market
  • A change to sell more and expand a current business

The Cons of a white Label Business

Some cons for you:

  • You will have to split any income between you and the service provider
  • You will essentially be working for someone else
  • There may be restrictions regarding what you can and cant do / say


Sometimes building a custom online business yourself from the ground up can be a real pain in the behind! Not to mention the many mistakes that you are likely to make in the process.

Opting for a white label buisness solution can really help you to avoid the mistakes, cut out the red tape as well as allowing you to offer much better services to your customer – as long as you have taken into account the many pros and cons that may be involved, especially the ones mentioned above.

If you are serious and intent on finding running your own successful internet drop shipping business, head on over to our websites for sale section to check out what done for you websites for sale that we currently have to offer.

Go white labeling!

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